**Registration closes at 5pm on Friday, 9 August 2013.

** Requirements to be covered will be posted for each clinic as soon as that information is provided by the counselors.

** Clinics will have no more than 15 Scouts per Counselor scheduled. Total seats >15, indicates multiple Counselors for the same Merit Badge.

Open Seat information is current as of: 9 Aug - 7:00pm

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Open Seats
Counselor Follow-up Session

8:00-8:50 N/A Counselor follow-up sessions are first come, first served. A Counselor will be available for the three Citizenship Merit Badges, Dog Care, Inventing, and Safety.
Emergency Preparedness MB
9:00-2:00 8/30 Requirements to be covered: 2a, 3-5, 6a, & 6b Please bring proof that the First Aid requirement is met.
The Safety checklist at the back of the Workbook will help the Scout meet requirement 9a.
Engineering MB
Notes from the Counselor:
Scout must be prepared as follows to receive a completed blue card on Super Saturday.
  • Complete and have all written documentation to present to the counselor for activities 2, 3 and 5.
  • Have prepared written notes and actively participate in group discussions related to activities 7,8 and 9.
  • Be ready to actively participate in activities 1,4, 6a and 6e which we will do in class.  No materials necessary.  I will have items we can disassemble.
First Aid MB 
9:00-2:00 7/30 Requirements to be covered:   All requirements will be covered.  A Scout should be prepared and bring his First Aid kit to meet requirement 2d.
Robotics MB
9:00-2:00 2/15
Requirements to be covered: 1-5, 6b, & 7
*** Please note Scouts will be required to turn in a completed Worksheet in order to have their blue card signed.  Preparation for this Merit Badge is important.  If you have a laptop, please bring it - this will help with programming the robots.
Automotive Maintenance MB
9:00-12:00 11/15 Notes from the Counselor:
In order to complete this Merit Badge, Scouts should plan to come with requirements 8a, 9a, 11, and 12 completed.
Electronics MB
 9:00-12:00 2/5 Notes from the Counselor –
Scouts need to come prepared to have a meaningful discussion in order to meet the requirements of this Merit Badge. Additionally, this clinic includes the building of an electronic device. Scouts should purchase their kits in advance of the clinic. A simple/inexpensive kit should meet the needs of the Merit Badge Requirements. A couple recommended locations for obtaining kits are:
Nuclear Science MB
9:00-12:00 10/15 Requirements to be covered: 1, 2, 4a, 4b, 6a, 7, & 8

Notes from the Counselor:

2.  Scouts should come prepared discuss the difference in atomic number, mass number, and describe the difference between the quark, neutron and proton structure.  A list of isotopes can be found at  Some suggestions might be Oxygen, Carbon, Iron, etc.  It is recommended that you make your models before the clinic, but an opportunity will be given to do so in the clinic as well.

3. If they have visited an accelerator, they will need to describe their visit and what they found interesting. We may briefly touch on the Higgs Boson and the CERN lab or Fermilab. Sites to visit for information may be or

4. Scouts should build an electroscope at home. To get ideas on how to build it Google ''Electroscope" or check out this video.  They will need to demonstrate how it works an explain effects of radiation.  Scouts as a group will make a cloud chamber materials will be provided. They will need to show the tracks on a sheet and explain what is happening.

5. If a scout is prepared, the counselor can review with them.

6. 6(a) will be discussed and scouts will be asked to draw a chain reaction with paper that will be provided and general idea of how nuclear energy is used to produce electricity.

8. Scouts will need to research three career options. Pick one and discuss with the counselor. Some ideas are nuclear medicine, engineering, physics, biology,  military, etc.

Programming MB
Notes from the Counselor:
A laptop and cyberchip is required for the Scout to participate.  Please pre-load your computer with any necessary software.  A good amount of information about this Merit Badge is available at Boys Life and MeritBadge.Org.  We will use VBasic, Python, and Javascript to complete requirement #5.  Scouts experienced with other languages are welcome to use those languages to meet the requirement.

Please review the requirements and come prepared to discuss.  We will cover requirements 1b, 2-6.
Journalism MB
14/15 PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SPLIT SCHEDULED CLINIC. Scouts will need either a laptop (preferred) or tablet for this clinic. The break will allow the Scout time to attend another clinic and gather notes/pictures to complete requirements.

Journalism is writing, which means that if a scout doesn’t like to write or has difficulty with spelling and grammar, he probably won’t enjoy this badge.

Requirements to be covered:
1, 3-5

Personal Management MB
9:00-10:20 This Clinic is Full
Requirements to be covered: 3, 4, 6, & 7.  Requirement #2 will explained.
Textile MB
9:00-10:20 4/15 Prerequisites:  1, 2d, & 6
Photography MB
10:35-2:00 11/15 Notes from the Counselor:
A digital camera with media card is required for this clinic.  Scouts should come prepared to discuss all of the requirements.  Scouts will be given time to take pictures during the day, edit those images, and then share their images with the Counselor during the clinic.  This is a 3 hour clinic that wraps over lunch.
Computers MB
10:35-11:55 8/15 Prerequisites: 6, 7, & 9.
Family Life MB
10:35-11:55 3/45 Requirements to be covered:1, 2, 6a, & 7.  Requirements 3 & 4 will also be discussed.  Additional Counselor Notes
Pets MB
10:35-11:55 1/15 Prerequisites:
* Write in 200 words or more about the care, feeding, and housing of your pet. Tell some interesting facts about it. Tell why you have this kind of pet. Give local laws, if any, relating to the pet you keep. Bring your paper to the clinic.

* Read a book or pamphlet about your kind of pet. Be prepared to discuss it in ths clinic.

* Bring a picture of your pet
American Heritage MB
12:30-1:50 7/15 Prerequisites:
Complete as much of the American Heritage MB Worksheet as possible.
Communication MB
12:30-1:50 7/45 Requirements to be covered:  See Notes from Counselor.  Please note each counselor may handle things differently.  The more the Scout is prepared the more progress he will make.
Genealogy MB
12:30-1:50 3/15 Requirements to be covered: 1, 2a, 4a & c#, 5e, 6*, 7*, & 8
*Coming with the information to complete the Family Tree and Family Group Sheets will help ensure this requirement is completed.
# 4b - Read the Genealogy Merit Badge pamphlet to know what types of documents will meet this requirement
Life to Eagle for Adults

2:05-3:30 N/A Note from the Counselor: Helping your Scout navigate the path to Eagle can be challenging and if done incorrectly result in wasted time and energy.  Come join us for a discussion on how you can help your Scout on his path to earning his Eagle.
Communication MB - Session 2
2:05-3:30 This Clinic is FULL Notes from the Counselor: The purpose of this clinic is to help the prepared Scout meet more requirements for the Communication MB than are normally covered in the Communication clinic.  To get into this clinic you must email the counselor Russ Smith your 5-minute speech topic.

3)  Get a speech topic approved by emailing the Counselor:

Write a 5-minute speech on that topic. Practice it before the clinic, and deliver it to the session at clinic.  Topics that are pre-approved are:  Who am I?  What does thrifty mean and how does a Scout demonstrate it?  My visit to the ___________ national monument.

4)  Select a person who you respect because of his or her position, talent, career, or life experiences, get your parents' permission, and interview that person.   Listen actively to learn as much as you can about the person.  Then prepare and deliver to your counselor an introduction of the person as though this person were to be a guest speaker, and include reasons why the audience would want to hear this person speak.  Introduce him to the group,

7)  Do a, b, or c.  Bring the results and share them for 1-2 minutes with the group.

Life to Eagle for Scouts

2:05-3:30 N/A Clinic Info:  Completing the path to Eagle can be a daunting endeavor, come listen and ask questions as our counselor provides valuable information to help you reach your goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.