**Registration is not yet open.  This page is still under construction but is provided to help Scouts get started on pre-requisites.

** Requirements to be covered will be posted for each clinic as soon as that information is provided by the counselors.

** Clinics will have no more than 15 Scouts per Counselor scheduled. Total seats >15, indicates multiple Counselors for the same Merit Badge.

  • Open Seat information is current as of: 17 July - 5:00pm

STEM MBs: Eagle Required:

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Open Seats

Counselor Follow-up
 8:00-8:50  N/A Follow-ups are on a First Come, First Served basis.  We're planning to have Counselors on hand for All 3 Citizenship MBs, Electricity, Genealogy, Dog Care and Textile.
Digital Technology
9:00-2:00 10/10 Notes from the Counselor:
Electronics MB
 9:00-12:00 5/5 Notes from the Counselor –
Scouts need to come prepared to have a meaningful discussion in order to meet the requirements of this Merit Badge. Additionally, this clinic includes the building of an electronic device. Scouts should purchase their kits in advance of the clinic. A simple/inexpensive kit should meet the needs of the Merit Badge Requirements. A couple recommended locations for obtaining kits are:
Emergency Preparedness
9:00-2:00 15/15 Notes from the Counselor:   Counselors will try to cover all requirements except - 2c, & 7-9.  Please note - prior completion of the First Aid Merit Badge is a requirement to participate in this clinic.
9:00-2:00 6/6 Notes from the Counselor:
Scout must be prepared as follows to receive a completed blue card on Super Saturday.
  • Complete and have all written documentation to present to the counselor for activities 2, 3 and 5.
  • Have prepared written notes and actively participate in group discussions related to activities 7,8 and 9.
  • Be ready to actively participate in activities 1,4, 6a and 6e which we will do in class.  No materials necessary.  I will have items we can disassemble.
First Aid
9:00-2:00 30/30 Notes from the Counselor:  Counselors will try to cover all requirements.  Please note - Scouts will have to bring a First Aid kit to meet requirement 2d.
Animal Science
9:00-12:00 15/15 Notes from the Counselor:  We plan on covering the BEEF CATTLE option.  Scouts will have the following requirement to complete either before or after the session: Req 6, parts A, B, and C.
9:00-12:00 10/10 Notes from the Counselor: Scouts need to know the allowed moves for each chess piece and have played at least one game.

Family Life
10:35-12:00 60/60 Pre-Req's:  Requirements 3,4, & 5
12:30-2:00 45/45 Requirements to be covered: Counselors normally cover requirements 1,6, & 8 as well as discuss what's required for the remainder of the Merit Badge.

9:00-10:20 15/15 Requirements to be covered: 1, 2a, 4a & c#, 5e, 6*, 7*, & 8
*Coming with the information to complete the Family Tree and Family Group Sheets will help ensure this requirement is completed.
# 4b - Read the Genealogy Merit Badge pamphlet to know what types of documents will meet this requirement

Dog Care
12:30-2:00 15/15 Notes from the Counselor:
Requirements 4 & 8 need to be completed before or after the clinic. Scouts can have their Dogs brought at around 1:30 so they can demonstrate requirement #5; videos of dog demonstrating requirement #5 can also be brought.

12:30-2:00 15/15 Notes from the Counselor:
Personal Management
9:00-10:20 30/30 Notes from the Counselor:  Requirements 3, 4, 6, & 7 will be covered.  Other requirements will be discussed as time permits.