Info for Counselors

Interested in serving as a Counselor at a Merit Badge Super Saturday? Send an email to and let us know your intentions.

General Information:

Location: All Merit Badge Super Saturdays are held at 1001 Doherty Rd, Galloway, OH. A map of the location as well as a building floor plan can be seen on the Location Info tab. This building has chalkboards in all rooms. There is also a large TV (which can be connected to a laptop) and a projector available for counselor use.

Clinic Size: As a general rule we like to have a no greater than 1:15 ratio. Therefore, we limit clinic sizes to a max of 15, unless we have multiple counselors working together. Additionally, we allow the counselor to set a lower limit should they be so inclined. If you feel the max number of Scouts you want in your clinic is 10, then that's what we set your max clinic size to.

What the Scouts should bring: The Scouts are told to bring a copy of the Merit Badge Worksheet for desired clinic (available at, a pen/pencil, a signed blue card, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Food/Drink: Thanks to the generosity of our host (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) lunch is provided for all Counselors and we generally have donuts or something similar in the morning. Counselors are also provided water bottles to help keep them hydrated during the event. Please note, in keeping with LDS church standards please refrain from the use of Coffee, Tea, and Tobacco in the building.

Pre-Event Information:

4 weeks before the event: Counselors should send an email to Ken at to provide the list of requirements which are planned to be covered during the clinic along with any other notes to be shared with the Scouts.

1 week before the event: If there are any special requests please send an email to Ken to arrange. The TV and projector are available on a first come, first served basis (we will try to meet all needs). If the Counselor needs anything copied, a map, or anything else that would help to make the event a success please fo not hesitate to send in a request.

Event Day Information:

Arrival: Counselors are asked to check in with the registration table about 15 minutes before their clinic is scheduled to begin. At registration Counselors will be able to pick up their packet(s).

Packets: In each packet will be a roster for the clinic, brightly colored paper with the Counselor's contact information, a little tape, and multiple copies of the worksheet and blank blue cards (for those Scouts who forgot to bring one). Also in/with the packet will be any items that were requested. If something was requested that is not in the packet please let the person at registration know so that the issue can be resolved.

Clinics: Most clinics are scheduled in 80 minute increments with a 15 min break between clinics. This gives the Counselor 10 minutes to wrap things up and the Scouts 5 minutes to get to their next clinic. A few other notes on the clinics:

1) Clinic Size - Invariably there will be Scouts who will try to get into a clinic that was filled up during registration or came to the event without registering at all. We encourage Counselors to maintain the 1:15 ratio, but ultimately it is the Counselor's decision to admit unregistered Scouts.

2) Pens - All clinic rooms will be provided with a number of pens. These pens are available for the Scouts use. Please encourage the Scouts to return borrowed pens prior to leaving the clinic; a pen will be available for them to use in their next clinic.

3) Issues - If there are any issues at all please feel free to send a Scout to registration to get help.

4) Roster - The roster is in a format to allow the Counselor to quickly check off which Scouts attended as well as which requirements were completed. We ask that attendance is taken so we can have an accurate count of attendance. It is the Counselor's decision to use the blocks for passed off requirements or not. We will make a copy of the roster and return the original to you.

5) Blue Cards - Some Counselors have found it beneficial to require the Scouts to write down the Counselor's contact information on their blue cards along with the number for any requirements that were covered and will be signed off. If the Counselor needs additional time to complete blue cards they can either request the Scouts provide them with a SASE or tell the Scout they will need to pick up their blue card later at registration. Blue cards can always be left at registration for the Scouts to pick up.

After the clinic:

1) Materials - When the clinic is over, if someone doesn't come collect the supplies, please return any extra materials (worksheets, blue cards, etc) to registration.

2) Roster - Please help us ensure we have a copy of your roster. You can either take it to registration and someone there will copy it or you can make a copy of it yourself by going to the Materials Center.

3) Pens - Please collect any borrowed pens and leave them in the room; someone will come around to collect them at the end of the day.

4) Chairs - If you are the last clinic for the day please request the Scouts take a moment to fold up their chairs. Please note padded chairs generally do not need to be folded.

After the event:

Follow-up session: We strive to provide a follow-up opportunity for the Scouts at the next Merit Badge Super Saturday. Therefore, we will contact you to see if you're available to participate in the follow-up session. If you're not available that is perfectly fine.

What to expect: Scouts always have the option of finishing a Merit Badge with a different Counselor. We hope Scouts will reach out to the Counselor so they can close out the Merit Badge with the same Counselor they started it with. Regardless, all Counselors have an effect on the Scouts they counsel.